Downloadair download your photos from Flickr

Downloadair is not actively supported anymore.

Install Downloadair 5.0.16 for and

Your photos one click away

Browse your flickr gallery, make your choice, and download originals. With one click.

All photos and videos are downloaded in full resolution.

Backup albums in one click

Download entire albums. Click once, download all pictures and videos of an album into a directory.

Each time you backup an album, downloadair creates a directory with all photos and videos downloaded from Flickr.

Browse albums and make your choice

Not sure of what's in this photoset? Just click on it, and browse its photos and videos.

Downloadair lets you backup an entire album at once, or browse its photos to cherry-pick.

Download photos from your friends

A friend shares photos of your last weekend on Flickr? Download them in one click.

And yes, it works with albums too.

Enjoy your photos in fullscreen

You own a beautiful 27" screen monitor? Downloadair lets you enjoy your photos as large as possible.

You also can browse previous/next photos using keyboard arrows or thumbnails.

Play videos from Downloadair

Downloadair lets you download your videos in original format. You can also watch them right from the app.

Download many photos at once

Downloadair lets you make your selection inside an album, a photostream, a search result. Download it in one click.

Select a photo by clicking on it. Just use shift+click or ctrl/cmd+click to add other photos in you selection. Click on the download icon, and you're done!

Backup all your account

Downloadair since version 5.0 allows you to backup your entire account.

One click, and all your photos and videos are downloaded on your hard drive, organized in folders.

Backup albums, download photos and videos

Fire and forget: downloadair just works. You can exit downloadair and relaunch it later: it will continue from where it was.